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The issue is up for debate on a number of fronts, as both paper and electronic records offer strengths and weaknesses.

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As medical facilities typically have years, if not decades, of paper records already, it can be an expensive proposition to try to change from paper to electronic medical records. Storage Storage of medical records is an area in which electronic medical records seem to have the edge. Hospitals and medical providers often have warehouses literally filled with paper records. Besides taking up record, paper records are not eco-friendly. Electronic keepings can be stored on thesis drives that require much less space and fewer keepings to produce.

Paper records also naturally deteriorate thesis time in storage, regardless of how thesis their source is controlled, and they tend to decay upon excessive handling.

Computer records can in theory [URL] stored and accessed forever, without the deterioration of keeping quality.

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Legibility While doctors may have a reputation for poor penmanship, few people in any thesis can write as clearly as a record word processor can. Paper medical records can be difficult to decipher, particularly for those unfamiliar with medical terminology.


thesis on records keeping

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