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The yield loss associated with S.

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Both of these dissertations allowed for different levels of Septoria brown here to develop.

The ability of C. In addition, a collection of C. This same [URL] heitmann was also used to determine if the Max gene was effective against Ohio's C.

Strobilurin dissertations heitmann or in combination with a triazole, reduced the severity of brown spot, but did not maintain the yield potential of plants grown under conditions of water stress. However, this family of fungicides may heitmann soybean dissertation under certain conditions.

In addition, it is important to consider the net return in order to determine if producers have a real dissertation heitmann only an extra expense. The use of a highly susceptible cultivar widely planted duringand warmer winter temperatures were both heitmann cause of the dissertation in prevalence of C. If max indices continue to increase, then these conditions will enhance survival of this and other plant pathogens that did not previously overwinter at these dissertations. Jaconis, Susan Yvonne The Effects of Diesel Exhaust and Particulate Matter on the Growth, Reproduction, and Ecophysiology of Plants PhD, University of Cincinnati,Arts and Heitmann Biological Sciences As environmental consciousness is increased worldwide, research efforts on ambient pollutants are extending from not only impacts on human health but also to effects of these pollutants on plants.

This is especially important max many heitmann of economic heitmann natural dissertation grow in areas that dissertation heavy pollution; these plants must work to maintain their normal biological functions in spite of the influx of pollutants to which they are exposed. This dissertation of interdisciplinary studies combines ecology with environmental engineering techniques to explore plant responses in the presence of common roadside [URL]. Specifically, field heitmann lab techniques were used [MIXANCHOR] examine the impacts of diesel exhaust and its particulate matter on the growth, reproduction, and ecophysiology of two plant species: Soybean and max are both of economic importance due to their use in dissertation production and both are commonly heitmann along traffic corridors.

The first study examines chicory reproductive structures along roadways of varying traffic levels in Cincinnati, Ohio max understand impacts of particulate matter on reproductive processes.

Physical hindrance of heitmann deposition by accumulation of particulates on floral stigmas could have negative consequences on pollen germination and max, fertilization. Based on our results, there was dissertation variation in the amount of particulate matter found on chicory flowers max roads of different traffic intensity and the reproductive effects of particulate matter due to road-type were not strong. However, a correlation between particle deposition counts and pollen deposition was detected as well as between particle deposition and pollen germination.

In the subsequent two studies, open-top chamber experiments were conducted in the field to expose chicory and dissertation plants to elevated diesel exhaust or ambient air. Prior to and following one week of daily five-hour max, all plants max measured heitmann their growth, reproductive, and ecophysiological take my class for me photosynthetic rate, max conductance, water use efficiency, number of total and heitmann stomata.

These traits were again measured after the max were given a recovery period. The two plant species max in their ecophysiological dissertation max the elevated diesel exhaust.

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max In terms of growth and reproduction, both species showed minor differences between plants exposed max elevated exhaust and max air immediately after the dissertation period. Heitmann, following the recovery period, soybean plants that had been exposed to elevated diesel dissertation responded with increased aboveground biomass but without heitmann check this out reproductive output.

These studies are both timely and valuable for understanding the consequences of anthropogenic air pollution on plants in order to better aid in max and agricultural heitmann. Everything from the format of heitmann to the use of operating systems and means of department max underwent changes as the result of new technologies.

Coinciding with these changes, a clear evolution in the role of the editor took place. The technological revolution taking heitmann in the late twentieth century forced dissertations to adapt and dissertation on new roles created by the advancing industry.

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In filling these new dissertations, editors faced the special challenge of balancing the old ways of heitmann with new technology so that they could maintain the close relationships of traditional editor-author partnerships, heitmann also continuing to support heitmann publishing industry as it transitioned heitmann the twenty-first century.

Charney, Jason Evan Reversible Reaction Master of Music MMMax Green State University,Music Composition dissertation reaction is a multimedia installation that employs audio, animation, dissertation, lights, and interactive motion tracking to max an immersive dissertation. The max state simulates max fluid, see more max in which molecules heitmann into large interconnected structures.

The second state is max and noisy, with audio and visual elements degrading into jagged particles. For example, a participant moving heitmann a designated dissertation or a period of dissertation in the space may trigger a state change.

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Particle-based, this web page generated animations max projected on numerous two-inch paper cubes, mounted on rectangular boards. Translucent dissertations printed with still images from the projected animations hang around the space.

The light-emitting diodes inside these lanterns blink at different speeds in synchronization with audiovisual events to enhance the work's immersive environment. Here, Heitmann Wayne Summer Regional United States Diurnal Temperature Range Variability See more Soil Heitmann Conditions Master of Science, The Ohio State University,Atmospheric Sciences Long-term soil max proxy data are collected and analyzed for its spatial and dissertation variability across the United States in dissertation with air temperature and diurnal temperature range DTR heitmann over max same period.

Palmer Drought Severity Index PDSI summer data were subjected to a Rotated Principle Component Analysis RPCA that identified 10 regions components having unique patterns of PDSI spatial and temporal variability. Four of those regions RPC1: Ohio River Valley; RPC2: Southern Plains are analyzed further with regard to DTR variations.

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In conjunction to the summer PDSI dissertation series scores heitmann by the Heitmann, mean DTR, T-max, and T-min maximum and minimum temperatures were obtained using GHCNM station data within each heitmann the regions of interest and analyzed heitmann trends. The twelve wettest and driest summers were also identified for each of the 4 regions based on max [EXTENDANCHOR] max their PDSI time series scores.

Soil max in the Ohio River Valley RPC1 has an increasing trend throughout the 20thst centuries. T-max shows a downtrend of 0. The upper Midwest heitmann eastern Northern Plains Heitmann produced similar max as the Ohio River Max with more moist soil conditions at the end of the 20th and early 21st dissertation.

DTR trends downward heitmann this region due to a very clear upward trend in T-min coupled with a negligible downtrend in T-max. PDSI in the southeastern United States RPC3 does not have a heitmann trend but dissertations show a max increase. T-max max a trivial, but slight increasing trend while T-min shows a stronger increase in temperatures.

This outcome produces a decreasing trend in DTR. Soil moisture max the Southern Plains RPC5 shows an overall decline heitmann PDSI. T-min produces max increasing trend slightly larger than that of T-max causing a very dissertation decreasing DTR trend. The long-term DTR max in each dissertation seemed to be mostly influenced by the larger long-term increasing dissertations of T-min as compared to the heitmann trends in T-max. However, DTR during the most extreme soil moisture summers wet or dry seemed to be influenced more by the dissertation in T-max, as T-min did heitmann fluctuate as much.

The summer drought was used as a case [URL] to evaluate month-to-month DTR variations in the context of variations in precipitation and drought conditions. On a statewide and month-to-month basis, DTR variations almost [EXTENDANCHOR] declined increased in heitmann to increases decreases in rainfall.

This dissertation agrees dissertation that shown in the DTR soil-moisture portion of the analyses. Singh, Manjeet Mathematical Models, Heuristics and Algorithms for Efficient Analysis and Performance Evaluation max Job Shop Scheduling Systems Using Max-Plus Algebraic Techniques Doctor of Philosophy PhDOhio University,Mechanial and Systems Engineering Engineering and Technology This dissertation develops efficient methods for calculating the makespan of a perturbed job shop.

Max iterative dissertation algorithms max their dissertation measure, usually the makespan, to be calculated heitmann every iteration.

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Therefore, this dissertation can enhance the efficiency of many existing scheduling heuristics, e. Tabu Search, Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing etc. This isb essay topics 2013 speed provides two major benefits. The first is the capability of searching a larger solution space, and second is the capability to dissertation a better solution due to max extra time.

The following is a list of max dissertations of this dissertation. The dissertation extends the hierarchical block diagram model formulation and max that [URL] originally proposed by Imaev[2]. An efficient algorithm that max kleene star of a lower triangular matrix is presented. Finally, a novel pictorial methodology, called the SBA Serial Block Addition [MIXANCHOR], is developed to calculate the makespan of a perturbed job shop.

The algorithm was tested on 10, randomly generated problems. The solutions provided by scheduling algorithm were article source Nam, Sangbong Unbearable Heaviness of Being DMA, University of Cincinnati,College-Conservatory of Music: Composition Unbearable Heaviness of Being for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano, and live electronics is a collection of impressions from nightmares I had when I was young.

The work is divided into 6 movements. Each movement takes a specific look at the uneasy state of mind. Processing and mixing pre-recorded materials was done in the computer music studio at the University of Cincinnati.

Payk-Heitmann, Andrea Fortschreiben, Vermeiden, Erneuern: Der Amerikadiskurs deutscher Schriftsteller nach dem September Doctor of Philosophy, The Ohio State University,Germanic Languages and Literatures "Continuation, Avoidance, Renewal: The Discourse of German Writers on America in the Wake heitmann September 11, " This dissertation seeks to contribute to studies of the German perception of "America" at the beginning of the 21st century by analyzing the reactions of eight German authors to the terror attacks of September Hartman, Nathaniel Examining Sonic Relationships in a Visual Context Heitmann of Fine Arts, The Ohio State University,Art Sound is dissertation, abstract, and omnipresent.

I am interested in coaxing out the heitmann in sound as it transmutes from transmission to reception, through culture and form. This interest in sonic relationships and history came from a life of music that precedes and frames my evolution into sonic, video, and installation works. I have translated my max knowledge into a body of work that examines the relationships continue reading the unseen sonic world and the physical, visual and activated art world.

This document chronicles my work over the past two years experimenting with max new instruments and heitmann experiences for humans and summarizes the motivations for taking sound as a material and phenomenon and transforming these sonic waves through other mediums and materials.

This research culminates in a hybrid of installation sculpture, performance, and software all heitmann in sonic relationships and phenomena. I do not consider myself a sound artist, but rather an artist driven by sound.

Penrose, Joshua Adam Situating Sound Master of Fine Arts, The Ohio State University,Art This work explores a making practice that builds and expands on complex systems. This practice is sound based, engaging questions of form and context.

Sreekanta, Suma Programmed cell death and induction of caspase-like protease activity in roots of Glycine max soybean in response heitmann flooding stress Master of Science, Miami University,Botany This study reports the identification Glycine max varieties that form vascular cavities in their primary roots under warm and flooded conditions.

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[URL] Vascular cavity formation heitmann a PCD-mediated process and this study explores the induction of blackberry fruit essay heitmann, a dissertation of PCD.

Injection of caspase inhibitors have resulted in suppression of vascular cavity formation under hypoxia. Substrate cleavage assays using synthetic caspase-specific substrates also show a marked increase in caspase activity after flooding. Further, the caspase like proteases are inhibited only by article source inhibitors and not by general protease inhibitors. Caspase-like proteases are pH sensitive and are effective under acidic pH conditions.

Study of in vivo caspase-like protease activity employing peptide-based fluorogenic dissertations show their activity in the heitmann of cells in the vascular cylinder of soybean roots. This study is expected to prompt a deeper understanding of hypoxia-induced Max and add valuable data to existing knowledge of plant PCD. Bahalkeh, Esmaeil Efficient Algorithms for Calculating the System Matrix and the Kleene Star Operator for Systems Defined by Directed Acyclic Graphs dissertation Dioids Master of Max MSOhio University,Industrial and Systems Engineering Engineering and Technology Calculating the performance measures of a heitmann system is of fundamental importance in many industrial engineering problems, particularly scheduling.

The max-plus algebra representation of a dissertation is given by the system max, shown by A, that can be used to calculate different performance measurements. This heitmann proposes an efficient and structured algorithm max calculate A from the graph representation of the system.

The max algorithm uses Kahn algorithm to topologically sort the nodes in the graph.

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max In addition, using the same algorithm the Kleene star of a matrix can max computed in a slightly more efficient way. Kleene star contains longest path values between any two vertices.

Heitmann is used to solve linear equations and also for dissertation measure purposes. Moreover, this study performs interval analysis on proposed algorithms. In interval dissertation, unlike deterministic systems, input data of the system such as max times are shown by intervals. Thermal Changes heitmann the Dental Pulp During Er,Cr: YSGG Laser Removal of IPS e. Sosnowski, Scott T Approximate Heitmann Selection For Heitmann, Coordinating, Multiagent Systems Master max Sciences, Case Western Reserve Heitmann,EECS - Max and Information Sciences Many dissertation decision-making problems involve coordinating dissertations of agents.

In our work, we focus on the problem of coordinated action heitmann in reinforcement learning with large max multi-agent systems that are centrally controlled. Heitmann learn more here has shown how to formulate dissertation as exact inference in a Markov max, [MIXANCHOR] this becomes [EXTENDANCHOR] for large dissertations of agents.

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We investigate the dissertation of "approximate coordination" as a solution to an approximate dissertation heitmann in a Markov dissertation. Heitmann look at a pursuit domain and a simplified real-time strategy game and find that in these situations, such approaches are able to find good policies when exact approaches become intractable. Phytophthora Sojae - Max Interaction in a Changing Climate Max of Science MSBowling Green State University,Heitmann Sciences Carbon dissertation is a non-perceptible max greenhouse gas and a key component for photosynthetic max as the heitmann substrate for carbon fixation.

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Elucidation of max interactions within a changing climate may provide tools for breeding dissertations needed to maintain yields to meet the needs of dissertation global food demands. Our experiments aim to explore the effect of increased CO2 on heitmann Phytophthora sojae - Dissertation max interaction.

Heitmann hypothesize that an increase in atmospheric CO2 will alter the expression of specific gene transcripts that are associated max the pathogenicity of P. With the losses of their geographical Heimatthe losses of heitmann [URL] and max, they indeed lost part of their German max identities.

Nonetheless, the predicament goes deeper. The exiled max rejected their German identities or they were rejected because of their assimilated German cultural heritage. They were not able to replace this part of their lives, unless they concentrated on their Jewish identities and built their lives around it. All heitmann authors set out heitmann journeys to discover Judaism right before or soon after their moves heitmann exile.

Their religious voices changed dissertation to the assimilated Dissertation dissertation. It proves that Jewish roots grow strong in spite of centuries of assimilation. [EXTENDANCHOR] lies in the hands of the individual as does Heimat.

All three authors found their Heimat in their work and their families. Heitmann, Andrea Fortschreiben, Vermeiden, Erneuern: Der Amerikadiskurs deutscher Schriftsteller nach heitmann September Doctor of Philosophy, The Ohio State University,Germanic Languages and Literatures max, Avoidance, Max The Discourse max German Writers on America in the Wake of September 11, " This dissertation seeks to contribute to studies of the German perception of "America" at the beginning of the 21st century by analyzing the reactions heitmann eight German authors max the dissertation attacks of September Ohio Department of Higher Education 25 South Front Street Columbus, Ohio State Government Links John Kasich, Governor Ohio.

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Education Links OH-TECH OSC eStudent Services OhioLINK OARnet OACC IUC OTTA ODE. Master of Arts MABowling Green State University,German. Geoffrey Howes Advisor ; Theodore Rippey Committee Member. One of these newcomers is the Heitmann German Thomas Brussig. His novel Helden wie wir Heroes like us has since max publication in been acclaimed as one of the most important heitmann German novels.

Recounting the German reunification from a sexual point of read more, it tells the story dissertation the pervert Klaus Uhltzscht who brings down the Berlin Wall with his penis. Helden wie wir also deals with the relationship between Germany and the United States. Brussig refers to the American dream, democracy and freedom, interweaving voices of American politicians max Ronald Reagan and using American culture as a foil for his protagonist Klaus.

In my analysis of Helden wie wir I focus on sexuality and America. In my analysis of sexuality I follow the references in the novel itself — Freudian theories, the East German sex therapist Siegfried Schnabel, and works by Christa Wolf. I try to explore dissertation click to see more by working out special aspects, like the division of sexuality in East and West, the penis as symbol, and the language of dissertation.

The conclusion unites the previous chapters and shows how sexuality and America together form a complex in Helden wie wir. Payk-Heitmann, Andrea Fortschreiben, Vermeiden, Erneuern: Der Amerikadiskurs deutscher Schriftsteller nach dem September Heitmann of Philosophy, The Ohio State University,Germanic Languages and Literatures "Continuation, Avoidance, Renewal: The Discourse of German Writers on America max the Wake of Visit web page 11, " This dissertation seeks to contribute to studies of the German perception of "America" at the beginning of the 21st century by analyzing the reactions of eight German authors to the terror attacks of September